Effective Holistic Cures For Forehead Acne

Natural remedies

Natural remedies for forehead acne can aid sufferers of this unsightly
condition to find relief without having to resort to harmful chemicals
or damaging products that may only worsen the condition. Natural
products will assist in healing the skin while also working towards
reducing the appearance of scars and blemishes that result from

forehead acne

These products will help to reduce oiliness and the
inflammation which often results in itchiness, leading the person to
want to scratch or pick at their pimples, which most often results in a
worsening of the situation. Hormonal imbalances result in an
over-production of sebum and skin cells, that clog the pores and lead to
infections deep within the skin, resulting in painful, itchy pimples.

routine should be repeated morning and evening. The number one rule for
pimple sufferers is that they not touch or squeeze the affected skin in
an attempt to extract the sebum that clogs the pores. This can lead to
damage that may take months to heal and can well lead to scarring of the
delicate skin on the face.

Ensure that you wash your hair
regularly with a good anti-dandruff shampoo, as these pimples are often
caused by dandruff or contact with oily hair. If you do have bangs, use a
headband to keep hair off your forehead when applying products to your
hair. This simple precaution can make a world of difference to your
pimple outbreaks.

Lemon juice is not only good for adding to iced
tea. Believe it or not, but lemon juice has almost miraculous healing
properties and is also anti-bacterial. For extremely sensitive skins you
may want to mix lemon juice with a little rose water before applying it
to the affected skin on your face. It is also useful for reducing the
appearance of acne scars, so apply liberally several times a day.

earth is an inexpensive powder that is known to reduce pimples and ease
inflammation. To apply, mix a small amount of fullers earth with a
measure of rose water, creating a thick paste. Apply this to your
forehead and leave on for at least fifteen minutes. You can rinse it off
with cool water or with some rose water, which will aid in tightening
your pores as it has astringent properties.

Another natural
remedy for the skin is to create a paste from sandalwood by rubbing it
on a stone surface. The paste can be mixed with either plain rose water
or a combination of cucumber juice, lemon, juice, honey and a little
turmeric powder. This can be applied to the skin at regular intervals to
alleviate and minimize forehead acne that is gentle and effective.

can be taken internally in tablet or capsule form to help the body to
heal from within. This mineral aids the immune system and assists with
fast and effective healing of the skin. Taken in doses of one hundred
and fifty milligrams per day, the person will notice a dramatic
improvement in just a few weeks. Zinc may cause abdominal discomfort, so
be sure to ingest it with meals.

Always take Zinc with meals to
avoid stomach irritation. You can also apply tea tree oil to soothe your
skin and its natural anti-bacterial properties will help to eliminate
bacteria on your skin. There are many natural remedies to forehead acne
that are effective while still being gentle on your skin.


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